About the Mindfulness Centre


The Mindfulness Centre is a boutique psychology practice in Adelaide - Wayville. Our focus is on improving the quality of your life, because we believe that life is for living not just surviving. 

We aim to cultivate greater self-acceptance, clarity of mind and a sustained inner ability to counter stress, depression, negative thoughts and behaviours - alongside a focus on moving toward living the life you most want. 

Our Director, Clinical Psychologist Liana Taylor, is most well known as Australia's leading provider of applied mindfulness training and certification to health professionals, educators, leaders and managers across Australia and overseas. 

We believe that all people deserve help from highly skilled professionals who value the heart in human connection. Our Mindfulness Centre psychology practice based in Adelaide is focused on therapy for individuals and families, and leadership coaching for individuals and teams.

The Mindfulness Centre practitioners combine state of the art research, professional experience, and the heart and skill of mindfulness meditation. Our Psychologists are highly qualified practitioners with expertise in different areas, working at the intersection of neuroscience, mindfulness, CBT, functional medicine, relationship theory, leadership theory and positive psychology.