Inspiring Enlightened, Legacy-Making Entrepreneurs to

Live An Inspired Life

The Mindfulness Centre

Embody Enlightenment Through Mindfulness and Adventure

We find ourself through adventure – whether the adventure is starting a revolution, managing a huge challenge, starting or leaving a relationship or job, or climbing a mountain – both literal and metaphorical – the journey is bold and playful and requires a lot of courage.

Here at the Mindfulness Centre we help you live an inspired life through transformative intensives, and inspiring retreats and programs.


Our Clients Are

Bold / Adventurous / Epic

Our Clients are enlightened Legacy-Making Entrepreneurs that are here to do EPIC things! They are complex people with deep souls and minds.

They have a need for creativity and a desire to make meaningful changes in the world. They are working toward being significant, with courage to follow their hearts and intuition, to truly expand beyond what they ever thought was possible.

Some are flying high and want to further expand their vision and connections with like minded peers, awakening possibilities and partnerships beyond their wildest dreams.

Some are burnt out, bored or have lost the joy in life, despite their success in business, have a deep yearning and hungering to know what is next.

Some are the wealthiest, most well supported and successful people in the world but still have mental health challenges, and are living hidden lives of desperation. The Mindfulness Centre provides them with an intelligent, trustworthy place to find their way through.

Daring to shine, to know who they really are or want to be, to know what it means to love themselves and others, to connect with their own souls listening to the quiet unspoken whispers of their hearts, and to expand their vision of what is possible – that takes a lot of courage… A real lot!

If you want to love your life,
make your highest contribution to humanity,
be the proudest version of yourself,
and create the legacy you want to create…

I am so very excited to share with you as your new adventure unfolds.

Will you join us?

Work With Us

At the Mindfulness Centre, Liana works with just a few people in intensive and transformative ways, through bespoke individual coaching programs and longer private group programs. Designed for really successful people who are cultivating love, wisdom and creativity in a deep and adventurous way – embodying enlightenment – and connecting to others wanting to make a bigger impact in the world.


About Liana Taylor


Liana is an innovative psychologist at the intersection of Western Psychology, Mindfulness and embodied enlightenment. She founded the Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness, pioneering the field globally nearly 2 decades ago.

She has been at the radical edge as a Clinical Psychologist for over 20 years synthesising the essence from divergent ideas, concepts and practices in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, NLP, alternative modalities, Functional medicine, leadership theory, political philosophy, Argentine tango, music and the contemplative traditions.

Liana works with some of the most talented, successful and gifted innovators, creatives, visionaries, social entrepreneurs, humanitarians, and ethical business leaders on the planet – inspiring them to fulfil their epic missions.

Bespoke Programs Include

Mindfulness Adventure Day – for a carefully curated small group of elite enlightened entrepreneurs – move between deep immersion in meditative practice and a little adventure.


Epic Blueprint – spend half a day with Liana – create a strategic plan to resolve an issue or find a way to move forward through a current challenge.


Deep Immersion Retreat – deeply immerse yourself in a stunning luxury location – think Uluru, Great Barrier Reef or Tasmanian Rainforests to transform and up level yourself ready to write the next chapter in the book of your own life.


Are You Ready to Make a

Bigger Impact On The World?