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Why Use Us?

Our story
Liana Taylor started teaching personal development courses in 1989, then started counselling in private practice in 1991 in Adelaide. She opened Adage Psychology private practice in 2000 with a view to bringing together a range of highly skilled practitioners with different areas of expertise, who all value the heart in human connection. Liana taught meditation at a meditation centre, and to her own clients for many years.

As the therapeutic value of mindfulness became more apparent in the psychology field, Liana was increasingly called upon to teach meditation, including mindfulness, to her clients, and to her colleagues, and in organisational contexts.

So, in 2006 she founded the Mindfulness Centre as a professional mindfulness training hub for Health and Mental Health Professionals to learn Mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

We saw in the research, and in practice, the way that mindfulness can transform lives, one moment at a time, and envisioned a world where everyone could experience the clarifying, rejuvenating and replenishing effects of these skills for themselves, and for those they work with.

Adage Psychology and the Mindfulness Centre merged, incorporating clinical psychology, relationship counselling and mindful leadership coaching, along side mindfulness training at conferences, for clients, and for professionals in Public Courses, and In-house Training. This included mindfulness and MBCT training for clinicians – as well as modules in Leadership, Relationships, Parenting, Education and Buddhism.

After an amazing decade of teaching mindfulness to general public and professionals alike, and after some years of discussions with leading mindfulness teachers and researchers across the globe, in 2014 we were really excited to launch the much anticipated Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness – for the development of health professionals.

The Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness
The Institute offers a range of seminars, courses and retreats for participants to learn both traditional mindfulness, and how to apply mindfulness in modern life.

· You can attend an individual course or retreat for personal and or professional development, or
· You can enrol in the one of the 3 levels of Applied Mindfulness Certification  programs.

All the professional mindfulness training courses that were run through the Mindfulness Centre from 2006 were transferred to the Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness.

The Mindfulness Centre from 2015
We are focused on high quality psychology services from professionals who value the heart in human connection. We believe that feeling depressed, overwhelmed or panicked does not co-exist with feeling inspired – they are mutually exclusive. Our team continues to expand, and we aim to nurture a sense of mindfulness and inspiration in people’s lives so they focus on what matters most, and develop the tools to navigate the challenges along the path.

Thus far, Liana continues her love of working one to one with people at the Mindfulness Centre,  along side her teaching at the Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness.

She reminds us that

we are all so much more than how we feel during difficult times.

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