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Who We Have Worked with?


We love working with women and men who - despite their current challenges -  want to be less stressed, and living more meaningful, joyful lives. Living, loving and leading in a way that is mindful and inspired.

Our adult clients range from 20 - 90 years old.

We also love working with teenagers, typically 15 or so upward who want to handle their study stress better, feel better in themselves, their relationships and in their direction in life.

Check back soon as we start to post some of their stories.

Most adults come for one of 4 reasons:

  1. To gain short term support/guidance like managing a job change, navigating grief after a relationship break-up, staying calm through a short but painful illness, study or work stress
  2. To enhance performance in areas such as: leadership, a profession, a creative arena, athletic performance, or study
  3. To understand and change long standing challenges, like depression, anxiety, sense of disconnection, challenge with authority
  4. To manage relationships with more ease and success, like managing challenging staff personalities, wanting to stop arguing with a family member, or wanting to stay in love and lust with a partner

Most teenagers come because they are:
• feeling bad, depressed, stressed, anxious

• upset about friendships and or relationships

• having a hard time with their parents or families

• being bullied at school

• keen to succeed, and want clear steps to help them reach their goals

The Mindfulness Centre focuses on cultivating an attitude of awareness and skill to help you live the life you most want.

We aim to cultivate greater self acceptance, clarity of mind and a sustained inner ability to counter depression, negative thought and behaviour patterns and stress. We use appropriate state-of-the-art tools that can create profound inner resources.

These tools include CBT, Narrative therapy, hypnotherapy, EFT, mindfulness based skills, systems theories, functional medicine, neuroscience, leadership theory and positive psychology.

We want you to enjoy your life, not just survive it.

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