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Even capable people need a hand sometimes

We all have frailties and strengths. Sometimes they are hidden and sometimes glaring,  feeding depression, anxiety, stress, overwhelm or just plain persistent unhappiness.  Therapy can help us understand and manage the interplay between our frailties and strengths so that we feel more in charge, more useful, and more joyful in our lives.

If you are feeling unhappy, overwhelmed, stressed, irritable, intolerant and reactive, or if you are unable to focus or think clearly or creatively, therapy might help you regain perspective,  be kinder to yourself, getting depressed, anxious or sick, performing poorly or disrupting relationships.

We want to help you:
• live a more inspired and joyful life
• take charge of what matters
• feel nourished and supported
• enjoy and savour relationships
• manage mental and physical health concerns skillfully
• regain professional performance

We work closely with individuals providing an integrated range of one-one-one clinical psychology and counselling.

Clinical and Health Psychology

• Stress, Depression, Anxiety, panic attacks, unhappiness, tiredness and low motivation
• Grief and Loss
• Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours/thoughts (OCD)
• Illness, Pain, Disability
• Abuse, Trauma, P.T.S.D, Crises
• Guilt, shame, anger and other overwhelming emotions


• Life transitions
• Family and parenting concerns
• Confidence and self esteem

Learn to Meditate and Relax

• Develop a sense of balance and joy
• Cultivating Focus, Clarity and Perspective
• Making better decisions

Our Practicing Psychologists

• Liana Taylor – Clinical Psychologist
• Graeme Piercy – Clinical Psychologist
• Himani Bhatia – Registerd Psychologist



Mindfulness Centre Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 9-6pm.
We see people by appointment only.
Our consultants work varying hours depending on teaching commitments
Several offer after hour’s appointments. Please call us to enquire.

You can pay by cash, cheque or credit card at the appointment, or direct debit prior to appointment. You may be eligible for a tax deduction. You will be able to use our Hicaps machine if you are eligible for a medicare or health fund rebate.

Tax deductions
Might be available to you if your are coming for executive coaching or work related development, just ask your accountant.

• Private Health Funds ‘extras’ cover apply to most psychology services
• Medicare rebates, are available if your GP has given you a referral to a registered psychologist as a part of a GP Mental Health Care Plan.

Referrals are necessary to obtain Medicare rebates as part of a mental health care plan when seeing a psychologist. Otherwise a referral is not necessary, though may be useful where there is a related medical and/or psychiatric condition.

What is a mental health plan?
Your GP may provide you with a mental health plan after assessing your needs. The mental health care plan enables you to claim a rebate of up to $124.50 (when seeing a Clinical Psychologist) or $84.80 (when seeing a Registered Psychologist) for 10 sessions per calendar year. Your GP will post it straight to us, or give you a copy of the plan to bring with you.

It will include the Doctor’s provider number, and date of referral which we put on your invoice so you can claim from Medicare. We will advise you when you have reached your first 6 sessions and need another referral from your doctor.

Number of sessions
Varies from one to many depending on the nature of the consultation, and type, intensity and complexity of issues. Four to eight is average for those not requiring longer-term support or deeper exploration.

All of our consultants follow the strict guidelines set by law for psychologists about confidentiality, privacy, professional conduct, ethics and responsibility.
Please note if you are out of Adelaide you can organise coaching by skype or email us for recommendations to psychologists in other states.

If you have an emergency and someone’s life is at risk please contact
Mental Health Hotline: 13 14 65, Lifeline: 13 11 14, or Emergency services: 000

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