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Executive coaching is a highly individualised process for helping you develop and perform well. Sometimes the focus is on coping with staff, new demands or rapid change, and sometimes on having a trusted thinking partner to bounce ideas off.

Managers and leaders tend to seek coaching to enhance their interpersonal style and impact, and typically want three things: 1. honest reliable feedback, 2. to develop core management skills, and 3. to identifying good action ideas.

Organisations typically arrange executive coaching to help their managers and executives meet the multitude of challenges they face. Research shows ROI to be high in terms of increased management performance, increased team performance, and increased job satisfaction.

You really can learn how to manage yourself, unlock your potential to maximise your own performance, and enhance your leadership behaviours.

What we find repeatedly is the collective sigh of relief that those at the top are not alone in their challenges and dreams, their desire to do the right thing, and sometimes secret inner fears and doubts and responses that halt them in their way. Especially the fear of being caught out as a fake. They don’t always know the answers, and can simply be honest with themselves and others, others who are in the same position about their struggles and ambitions.

Download the Executive Coaching Information Sheet for your organisation here


The focus of coaching, changes as you move through management levels, and tends to focus on one of these five areas:

1. Skills training – for a new role, or specific task or project eg conflict management, team development
2. Performance enhancement –
3. Development exploration and lifestyle balance – for future career, career transitions or lifestyle
4. Coaching for complex agendas – focus on larger issues, including better: business results; strategic visioning, personal and relationship success
5. Having a trusted confidante and thinking partner to discuss delicate issues, and to open new possibilities


Specific areas that you can address in coaching typically include:

• Visioning tools for clarity, direction, perspective and focus
• Thinking Tools
• Confidence Tools
• Communication tools
• Conflict management strategies
• Peak performance enhancement
• Decision making tools
• Presentation skills
• Stress management


Coaching format and process:

Coaching can take place in person, by skype or phone; it includes discussion, setting goals, developing skills and strategies, completing relevant worksheets and development tasks, evaluating and refining. In short, you will:
1. Clarify your agenda, and define extraordinary results – what you want to achieve
2. Identify strengths
3. Practice “systematic abandonment” of, and closing the door on, things that aren’t working
4. Create new possibilities
5. Do some things differently


As you need, you will learn to:

• Improve your performance.
• Increase self-awareness including strengths and blind spots
• Enhance communication abilities
• Develop leadership skills
• Maintain a clear vision and direction by step-back and get a bigger picture
• Implement excellent people management skills
• Foster teamwork
• Enhance a cohesive team with ‘willing followers’ working collectively towards success
• Managing today’s work efficiently, whilst planning and working on tomorrows work
• Move away from any silo management behaviour
• Influence organisational success in your current role


Length of commitment, and Frequency of coaching meetings

This varies according to what you require ranging from:
• 2-3 coaching meetings to develop a small skill or make a specific decision
• 8 coaching meetings over 3-6 months to develop in particular areas
• 12 months coaching commitment to develop leadership potential across the board – with access to a wise trusted confidante who knows you well, will support you, keep your secrets, challenge you to grow, and keep you focussed on success in areas that matter to you.


Coaching Vs Therapy

Coaching is not therapy. Although they share similarities in tools and methods there are distinct and important differences. Therapy is more suitable for long standing, closely held or deep seated areas of concern that impede healthy functioning and require a rehabilitating process. Coaching is a guided process in which individuals are assisted to maximise their skills and explore new areas of potential within themselves.

How can an executive coach know how to help you?

An executive coach has not necessarily faced the same challenges or reached toward the exact same mountain top as you. Rather, the coach has been on a different mountain and watched many others face many obstacles to climb their mountains. From this perspective the coach has seen many ways to navigate obstacles and find paths to the top. An executive coach is mostly a wise guide on the side rather than a sage on stage.

Executive Coach – Liana Taylor

Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach, and Mindfulness Teacher
Director of the Mindfulness Centre
Founder of the Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness

Liana has over 20 years experience in the private sector balancing clinical work & executive coaching, mindfulness teaching, and being a CEO herself. She was a university lecturer and now teaches and speaks across Australia. She is the leading provider of Applied Mindfulness training to leaders, managers and health professionals across Australia. An innovator in the field of Mindful Leadership, Liana’s passion for social change toward the cultivation of wisdom has inspired her development of mindful leadership programs. The keynote speeches she gave on cultivating wisdom in leadership at the first International Mindfulness conference in Rome and at South Australia’s first Mindfulness Symposium reflect her passion for leadership development.


Coaching Fees & Packages – (incl GST)

• Casual 1 hour coaching meetings  $385
• Four x 1 hour coaching meetings, plus attendance at Mindful Leadership 3 day course package,$2,200
• Eight x 1 hour coaching meetings spread over 3-6 months package, $2,700
• 1 Year coaching support and development – access to weekly coaching meetings, unlimited short emails, calls $22,000


Download the Executive Coaching Information Sheet for your organisation here

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